Greensleeper evolved from a band formed in 1966 called ABC. The Albert Bennett Crowd.
Chris Liddell: Guitar, Phil Brown: Bass, Ernest Fawcett: Drums, Albert Bennett: Vocals
After a couple of years this morphed into The Blue Circus Soul Band with the addition of a Hammond B3 and a brass section comprising one tenor sax.
This band folded leaving Albert, Chris and Phil looking for a drummer. Everything changed when we auditioned Pete Billingsley. He said his surname was Baker (Ginger influences) we thought he said Bacon so he was Pete Bacon for a while.
The name Greensleeper (Named after a sculpture) was decided in The New Inn Ecclessall Road, Pete’s parents pub where we rehearsed.
We were greatly influenced at the time catching The Who live at Sheffiedl Uni 1970 and playing The Who Live at Leeds loud through the PA at rehearsals.
Writing our own material and doing cover versions we became a Rock Band which existed for seven years with personnel changes as follows:
Chris left and was replaced by Dave Carr on guitar. He had recently left a band called Firewater and brought with him Dave Beaumont (Manager/Transport), Jon Peace (Sound) and Neil Jones (Lights). The bracketed descriptions do not do justice to what these guys did, Jon filling in on guitar on occasions.
Phil left to go and live in Maidstone and was replaced on Bass by Harry Wilkinson.
Over the years we supported Badfinger, Be Bop Deluxe, Medicine Head, Super Sister, UFO, Saxon as well as playing University Halls & the pub circuit in Sheffield, the Dearne Valley & Derbyshire.
We also played many one off gigs, Sheffield Art College dances (with posters designed by Bruce Oldfield) and free concerts in Western Park.
Simon Peace joined on second guitar and Dave Carr left to join The Push and was replaced by Russ Singleton and later Andy Taylor.
It all fell apart in the late 70’s though we did reform for Pete’s 40th birthday.
1991 saw the introduction of Alan Walker on Guitar and Peter ‘Oz’ Oldfield on Bass joining Albert, Russ & Pete for a couple of gigs and the recording of three songs in Axis studios Sheffield
2017 and we are back!
Pete, Alan, Oz & Albert are joined by Mike ’Spike’ Stoddart on bass. This lineup played The Old Crown Sheffield on 10th February for their debut gig.